Ski carry technique – Carrying skis is tricky – which type are you? And which technique do you use? Everyone has their own way of carrying skis, and we have summarized some of these techniques ( 10 types or 10 ways to carry your skies ) in this short video.

Ski carrying technique from the austrian perspective / point of view. While “Ski Pros” are familiar with the classic over-the-shoulder carry technique, known as “The Local”, they’ll be less familiar with this techniques such as:
Ski carry types:
1: the local
2: the bazooka
3: the idle
4: the freerider
5: the military man
6: the prezzie
7: the suitcase
8: the boyfriend
9: the hobo
10: the scissors

Which type you are? Watch the video and you will know!

Rider: Andreas Krobath
Location: Sportgastein, Bad Gastein – Austria, Österreich – Ski amade

Location was: Bad Gastein, Sportgastein/ Ski Amade´